Studie zu Takayasu-Arteriitis in der Schweiz publiziert

Andrea D. Gloor, Laurève Chollet , Lisa A. Christ, Jennifer L. Cullmann, Harald M. Bonel und Peter M. Villiger



Takayasu arteritis (TAK) is a rare immune-mediated vasculitis of the aorta and its branches. Aims were to calculate prevalence and incidence in Switzerland, to assess disease activity and performance of MR-Angiography (MRA).


31 patients were recorded in a database, 27 were followed prospectively up to 3 years. Prevalence was calculated based on data of the national statistical bureau. Disease activity was defined using the revised EULAR criteria. MRA depicted stenotic changes and aortic wall enhancement.


A disease prevalence of 14.5/1.000.000 inhabitants and an incidence of 0.3/1.000.000 per year was calculated. Aortic wall enhancement was found in 10 patients while in clinical and serological remission. EULAR criteria missed 5 patients with disease activity with isolated elevations of ESR/CRP. Arterial stenosis did not change over time in 5 cases, it improved in 2 and increased in 7. At follow-up 16 patients were treated with tocilizumab, 11/16 in monotherapy, 5 patients were treatment-free, 25/27 stayed in remission.


In addition to prevalence and incidence, our data show that MRA qualifies to detect subclinical disease activity, but, on the other hand, that EULAR criteria may miss disease activity in case of isolated elevation of ESR/CRP.

Die Arbeit über Takayasuarteriitis in PLOS ONE ist seit dem 18. Juni 2021 freigeschaltet.


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